The Ecstacy of St. Francis by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta was born on February 13, 1682 (or 1683).  He was an Italian Rococo artist who painted religious scenes. Piazzeta studied under Giuseppe Maria Crespe, whose influence greatly shaped the student’s style.  Perhaps the most striking thing about Piazzeta’s work is his use … Continue readingThe Ecstacy of St. Francis by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

Jesus and Angel by Ary Scheffer

Ary Scheffer was born on February 10, 1795.  Though of Dutch origin, he was a French Romantic painter.  He typically painted works of literature from authors such as Dante and Byron, and religious scenes, and he was also a prolific portrait painter.

Hall of the Bulls

Welcome to Art History with Sylvester!  Sylvester says: Humans have been communicating with art and imagery since the stone ages…and, well, they even used stone.  The cave paintings are filled with stories. The Hall of the Bulls is located in the Lascaux Cave in Dordogne, … Continue readingHall of the Bulls