Bedtime Bible Stories by Anna Rose Bain

Like some other art I’ve talked about, I had my own ideas about this one before googling it just now to find the name.  Bedtime Bible Stories just enhances how meaningful the scene is for me.  I remember my parents reading me Bible stories from fully colored, illustrated books for children when I was this small.  And I remember reading books with my siblings.  Those are memories that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside every time you think of them.  And they’re forming.  Good relationships with siblings and learning Bible stories from a young age both shape who you become.  They’re a part of you.  And they’re such a joyful, comfortable part.  But what I didn’t even think about when I was the age of these children was the joy in getting to pass those things on someday, too.  Already I’ve had this story time with my nieces and nephews.  I can’t wait to have it with my own children and have such an integral part in shaping who they become.



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