Being Helpless with Abba is the Safest Place to Be

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This morning I read this by JoseMaria Escriva: “If the child is to take refuge in the arms of his father, he must be, and know that he is, small and needy.” And I spent a lot of time meditating on how beautifully my relationship with Dad (even just this week with all the ways he took care of me as I was helpless in my insomnia) exemplifies the beauty of my relationship with and neediness of Abba.

Silvio and I are facing uncertainty in our future right now because of needing a job that provides more money, and not knowing even what we can do which his health can handle. I had a good conversation with his parents today and once again they reminded me that they’re there for us–and they want to help. We’re not alone. Our neediness brings out their love and care for us.

Then we were in evening prayer and I was feeling a bit discouraged because we haven’t seen any progress in jobs or Silvio’s health (although God has given us exactly what we need when we need it, and not before we need it, repeatedly). And I thought to myself how He was my Father and He would take care of us. Then I looked up and directly in front of me was a stained glass window of Jesus embracing the little children.

Yes, there is no better place to be than this helpless childhood.

Note: In case you didn’t see the date this is a journal entry from the past. We are loving where God has since put us and answered our prayers.