End of Harvest by Morgan Weistling

What I love about this painting is the joy expressed in working together.  This family doesn’t rely on the father alone to do all the heavy work–surely he sets the example and is the main provider and leader, but they’ve all come out to help him.  In the magical, crisp fall air, they’re growing closer together as they work to help one another to bring in the harvest.  A harvest which will no doubt bring joy to them even after they’re done working on it–think of all the pumpkin pie!!!

I remember a similar experience growing up with my own family.  We’d all go out and load firewood together, and even though it was something we “had” to do, it’s become one of my favorite memories.  It was the time we were closest; we’d sing songs together, laugh together, working together at a common goal.  And we knew that when we had finished we would enjoy not only the most basic privilege of staying warm for the winter, but a homey fire on the hearth which would enhance the cozy joy of family life.

Good, wholesome work with those you love can truly be one of the best bonding experiences.  It accomplishes not only its intended immediate goal, but it also builds character and, maybe most of all, love and fond memories.



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