Finding the Holy Spirit in Stillness and Weakness


Recently I was having my quiet time and I felt that the Holy Spirit was nudging me to double the length of time I spend in silence, the time that I just be with Him. I’d already been learning the deeper beauty of stillness.

I mentioned this to Fr. Matt and suddenly realized that I’d been hearing the Spirit’s voice more than I ever remembered–His voice in the stillness. I’d experienced God speaking to me in other ways, but this was different. A knowing just in the quiet of my heart when I made myself available to Him.

I connected it with the fact that I was taking the time to be still, where I could actually hear. This is true, but Fr. Matt pointed something else out, and that was my experience of weakness. That and my starting to hear the Spirit this way at the same time, together, is no coincidence.

I’ve been learning how to accept God’s strength. Now I’m getting a clearer picture of what His strength is. It is simply His Holy Spirit, living in me, moving in me. The Holy Spirit has been called the Helper.

The more I am weak and empty and still, the more I can let Him fill me and the more I can hear Him. And then, with Him in me, being my strength–my, how strong that is. It is not merely a shot of energy like I’d get from coffee–it is literally God Himself.



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