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Table of Contents

Loving Me the Way I’m Loved

Not of This World

Letting God Love Through Me

Learning the Beauty of Simplicity

Letting God be My Security

Authentic Love of Prayer: One Reason I Admire My Husband

God Provides When I Need It

I Met My Husband Because He was Almost a Monk

How Suffering Became More Bearable and Empowering

Embracing Where I Am Right Now

How Jesus Transforms Suffering

The Joy God Gives in the Seasons

Ways My Husband Loves Me Absolutely Selflessly

Giving My Attachments to God and Watching Him Use Them

O Happy Fault that Earned so Great a Redeemer

Making a Perfect Home

Moderating Media to Save Our Humanity

Peace in the Face of Fear

Being Angry in a Godly Way

Being Loved for the Child I Am

What the Lord of the Rings Taught Me about Anger

Thanksgiving Keeps Me Close to God

The Freedom of Loving Through Grief

Being Helpless with Abba is the Safest Place to Be