Healing from Depression: Beginning an Exciting Adventure

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This January, just over a month after I was healed from my insomnia, we had another major experience of healing which was to set us off on a journey in which we’d experience healing often.

Silvio was off on a youth ministry conference with FOCUS. During that time, I stayed with my family. Because of how intensive the conference is, we barely had an opportunity to talk–so we had no idea until later that God was speaking to us in the same ways, on two opposite ends of the country.

During that time, I felt a particularly strong need to be praying for Silvio’s healing from depression. I’d been praying for this for awhile but suddenly there was a great sense of urgency and importance to it. Only later did my spiritual director point out to me that this was the Holy Spirit urging me to pray–using my prayers as part of His healing process, similar to how He prompted my spiritual director to pray for me. And during this time, I was praying with Psalm 103. The whole thing really stuck out to me, but especially this verse: “He cures all your diseases.”

Little did I know that the whole conference that Silvio was at had a theme of healing for him, surrounding that verse from Psalm 103.

During a time of adoration, praise, and worship, Silvio experienced a time of deep emotional healing from some old wounds he had. And then he began to be inspired in profound ways about the young adult ministry we were doing. He was healed and sent forth.

Healing from depression has still been a journey. We’ve still got a ways to go. Sometimes healing comes all at once; sometimes it comes little by little. But little by little the Holy Spirit has been making Himself known in astounding ways, through healing and through leading us in ministry. The ways He weaves all the little details of our lives together blow my mind. I’m excited to see where He continues to take us.