Innocence of a Child by Donald Zolan

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I saw this picture and was instantly in love with this child.  It’s aptly named, I thought.  Innocence simply radiates from the girl.

I think sometimes, innocence gets a bad rap, treated like naivete.  But it’s a gift, and this picture captures it in its simplicity.  This girl is free of cares, and evil hasn’t touched her.  She knows only joy and wonder; she delights in tiny splendors like the dew of a fresh morning beading on the carpet of grass, or flower petals tickling her feet.  She shines in her contentedness and peace.

I see this and I want to be like her.  I want to find joy in the small things.  If we focus on each of our blessings, not overlooking the glory in every corner of our existences…life would truly be magical.



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