Maria Lang Art

Religious Art

Dancing on the Waves
Praise Him
I’m Here
Maximilian Kolbe
Jesus’ Delight
Pray Constantly
Jesus Wept
Connecting with Little Yeshua
Embracing His Cross
Joseph’s Joy
The Holy Family
Shield of Faith
Mary’s Love
Formed by His Hand
Christmas Card 2016
My Yoke is Easy
Joseph’s Treasure
Flying to Heaven

Family Paintings

In the Hands of Your Daddy
Wild Sledding Fun
Mom’s Love
Making Music with Grandma
Christmas Waltz
Learning to Ski with Daddy
Starlight Music
Facing Adventure
Father-Daughter Dance
Mother of the Bride
Fireside Praise
Can I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life?
Ski by Moonlight
What a Wonderful World
The Night Before Christmas
Our Wedding Picture