Modeling Our Lives on Jesus’ Life Includes Expecting Miracles


It strikes me that when it comes to applying the Gospel to our lives, Christians focus so much on half of Jesus’ ministry–His teachings–and we think we’re taking in a full Christian lifestyle. But Jesus’ ministry was, seemingly, equal parts healing and teaching. His healing was, in part, to show us Abba in extraordinary ways–but it was also just part of His lifestyle. Even the apostles went around healing people alongside their preaching all through Acts.

It is essential that we follow Jesus closely by taking His teachings to heart–loving, being humble and childlike, praying. But I don’t think timidly daring to hope for miracles on special occasions was exactly what He had in mind. If we’re really to model our lives on His, we need to be bold enough to expect miracles all around us, all the time, as easily as we expect any other aspect of our faith to play out.