Morgan Weistling Paints Joy and Contentment

This beautiful image by Morgan Weistling is one that would touch the hearts of people in many places in their walks in life.  Perhaps you’re a parent, and the scene brings you into the experience of watching two of your children sleep so serenely together.  You might chuckle at the family of dolls the girls have adopted into their bed.  Your heart is probably filled with grateful contentment as you imagine your own children so comfortably dwelling with one another, apparently without a care or worry holding them down.

You may be touched in countless other ways by this picture.  I’m not a parent, so I just imagined all those things.  This picture touches me deeply because I imagine myself as one of those girls.  My family was always so much more than just “important to me.”  It was in my siblings that I found close friends, in my parents that I found the most admirable role models and loving protectors.  My family was my safety.  I could be myself with them, and I had no real cares as a small child.  I have countless memories of playing dolls with my sister, and (even though I would be extremely creative in coming up with ways not to share a bed) we were close enough to just be.  Like this picture.  It speaks contentment and safety in one’s home, something so precious that will always be a part of me, something I want to pass on to my own children someday.  So that they can fall asleep each night being the small people they truly are without shame, trusting and confident in their safety under my care.



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