My Neediness Helps Me See How Much I Am Loved

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I have been floored by the love and support Mom and Dad have given Silvio and me. Because they love us and they would anyway, but our neediness gives us so many more opportunities to see it. We have health problems, so they are constantly helping us to find ways to manage them and cure them when possible. They are constantly praying for us. We have perpetual car troubles and no money to do anything about it, so Mom and Dad help us fix them, loan us their car, and have even given us their old van. And all in a spirit of showering so much love on us. They see us struggling emotionally and rather than being disappointed in us for our limitations, they only are there for us more, with so much love.

If we were strong and secure, that love would be there, but there wouldn’t be nearly so many opportunities for them to pour it forth, or for us to experience receiving it, or for the overwhelming gratefulness and love we have back for them. These weaknesses just open so many floodgates for that love, and life is so much richer for it.

It’s exactly the same with God. We need Him, but having something to make our need obvious, to keep it before our eyes, makes us see Him taking care of us so much more clearly. It blows my mind that He would let us experience His own truths through my own earthly parents whom I love so much.