Praying Expectantly


Since I was given the gift not only of healing but also of seeing God work powerfully through prayer, I have been making a point of praying more boldly and expectantly. Asking the Holy Spirit into situations and asking Him to KEEP coming. When I pray for the same thing a second time, praying in a way that is asking for a continuation of Him working, choosing to believe He’s already started. Choosing to focus on Him coming through even if it’s hard to know He will. Renouncing doubt and fear and anything else that gets in the way.

I think Abba answers more often than I know, and to me it looks like nature taking its course. This week Silvio had the flu and I was so afraid of getting it. I called the Holy Spirit in and asked Him to heal Silvio more, more, more, and to keep me well.

One night after Silvio had mostly recovered he felt his stomach not feeling right and I felt my throat trying to get sick. I stormed the heavens that night and morning, asking the Holy Spirit to fill us with His healing and picturing Him pouring it into us. My throat got better.

Silvio woke up, not knowing about all the prayer that had gone down, and reported: false alarm! He was fine.

How often I assume it was a false alarm, or I just had a mild case or narrow miss. But I’d been praying, expecting God to work.

Not only do I need to expect more of Him; I need to recognize and give credit when He acts. His work in my life is powerful and constant, and He can work so much more freely, unhindered, when I open the way for Him to do it.

The featured painting is by Roberto Ferruzzi