Secure in Abba’s Heart

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This past Lent, I learned more and more deeply what it means to be secure in Abba, much more secure than any job or joys or comforts could ever make me, despite appearances.


It has been so neat to see the way Abba has led me deeper and deeper into understanding His security, deeper and deeper into His love, deeper and deeper into His heart. This week He has taught me how the more embedded in His heart I am, the less exposed to the stresses and trials of life around me I will be. I’ll still be in them, but with Him all around me they cannot affect me the same way. He is a shield that doesn’t remove me from trials, but who safeguards me from being torn to shreds by them. But there’s a difference from the shield that I’ve imagined for so long. That shield was protection from arrows and poison and bad things. It was an inanimate thing that kept bad things out. But letting myself be wrapped up in Him is so much greater. The worst things can’t get in because I am so surrounded and filled with Him and His love. I can’t notice the lies and distractions if I am so caught up in Him. Even if I experience pain, it won’t hurt as much as long as my focus is that completely on His overwhelming presence surrounding every part of me. Just as I let pain distract me from Him, He can “distract” from pain–but it’s not really a distraction because He’s where my focus should be always.

Wrapped up in Him so completely that He is all I notice, I will find the ultimate security.