Should I Do It? by Maria Lang – Digital Painting

This painting was inspired by a number of things. I originally wanted to paint my nephew, Kepha, as a little cowboy, because he’s adventurous and a little daredevil, and who doesn’t like cowboys, anyway? I decided to paint him with a bull because not only would that emphasize his spirit for adventure, but it would also hearken back to another moment years ago. My family often likes to go up to a cow pasture back behind my house to look at the sunset, and one evening my brother, Christopher, and his friend ran ahead of the rest of us. When we caught up with them, they had ducked under the electric fence and were standing proudly on the other side only a few feet from a fuming bull, which fortunately was just standing there (so far). It’s a story that’s often recounted in my house, so I incorporated that moment into my painting!



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