The Assumption by Maria Lang

I originally painted this with the vantage point set farther back from the moment–so there was a lot more going on in the background. While I think there’s something neat about such a background, I felt that it ultimately was a distraction from the main moment in the piece and ended up cropping it. I wanted the focus to be on Jesus and Mary and the love between them. To see the whole piece, click here.

This painting depicts the moment when Mary is taken to Heaven. As a little background, I am Catholic–and not very Marian. Catholics do believe that Mary was BROUGHT up to Heaven, and we call it the Assumption. It’s different from Jesus’ Ascension, in which we believe that He returned to Heaven–but Mary was BROUGHT up. It’s usually depicted as though she were floating.

I wanted to focus on a moment which I imagine must have been a joyful experience in Heaven (as Heaven rejoices over anyone who comes there), a special mother-son moment. I wanted to depict the Assumption in a way that showed Jesus TAKING Mary to Heaven. I wanted to bring out that loving bond between them. Let the picture speak the rest.


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