The Coronavirus and the Mortality of Loved Ones

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In this coronavirus pandemic, I have an incredible amount of peace. I hear such conflicting reports on the severity of the situation that my natural reaction would be to jump to the worst possible conclusion and to fear it with all my might. But I don’t. I guess Abba sees how big the beast looks and is giving an over-abundance of grace.

The really sobering part is that it’s making me much more conscious of the mortality of my loved ones. They’re always mortal, and they were always going to die whether they do now or not. But I’ve never before faced how many people I love could die. And I’ve never before faced that all of them will.

I don’t even think these things pessimistically. It’s just all sinking in and reminding me how fleeting people’s lives are. It is a good reminder to cherish them intentionally and deeply, and to let them know I love them. But it’s also a reminder that the one and only loved one I can stay close to forever is God. And that will only be enough for me if I take getting close to Him very seriously. All that is stuff people talk about a lot and it begins to sound fluffy and unsubstantial so that it floats right over my head. But times like this make me realize the depth and solidity of it. The closer I am to Abba’s heart, the more He can be my everything so that I’m not left with nothing when all that I love down here falls away. And the more of my heart He takes up, the less everything else will, and the less shattered I’ll be by losing it.