The Doctor and the Doll by Norman Rockwell

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How many times have we gone to the doctor, the dentist, etc. and gotten nervous out of our minds?!  Perhaps we’re afraid of the news we’ll receive or anxious about being seen at our most vulnerable.  Which means that the doctor has a special task: to minister to the mind and soul as well as to the body, to acknowledge the humanity of those whom he treats.  To show that he cares.  This image encapsulates the beauty of that profession to me.  This doctor is taking extra time with a young girl–not simply going through routine, in a hurry to get to the next patient.  He’s meeting her where she needs him.  He’s caring for her by caring for something about which she cares, putting her at ease and loving her.  He’s embracing his role in the finest way.  And you can just see the humor in the moment for him–he’s loving it!  It brings him such joy to brighten her day.  To show the girl her worth–that she’s worth his time, attention, and love–brings him his own sense of value.



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