The Music Man by Norman Rockwell

I remember when my brother started playing violin, my dad would joke that we’d have an angry cat around the house.  He was, of course, referring to the sounds emanating from the violin, but it’s a description that could also have been applied to the actual cats as a result of the violin.  Actually, my brother was a natural and never once did I hear him screech.  The cats remained content (to the extent that a cat is willing to let you think it’s content).  But I spent enough time imagining the scenario that this picture from Norman Rockwell is one which I relate to quite well.  I love how much fun the little boy is having, and even the look on his face tells you how off-key he is, how dreadful the sound of the guitar.  You don’t even have to see the curdled expression on his sister’s face or the confused excitement of the dog to get that.  What a comical scene!  You instantly feel that you’re part of the moment.  You cringe at the sound you really almost hear, and laugh at the display at the same time.  For better or for worse, you’re right there with him.

What makes you feel part of the moment?



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