The Power of Prayer in Spiritual Attack

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Silvio and I do young adult ministry. One thing we have come to recognize is that every single time we have a time of prayer, an event, a time of brainstorming, anything to do with the ministry, we are under a lot of spiritual attack leading up to it. It makes sense; if we are working to help bring God to people, the devil will want to do anything he can to stop it. Usually we experience attack in the form of irrational anger toward one another, an inability to communicate with each other, and a complete lack of interest in the ministry we’re doing.

One day last summer we were preparing to host a cookout for community building. For literally no reason at all, we were both the most furious we had ever been in our lives–at each other. Again, there was NO explainable reason.

After we had parted ways to finish up some last minute errands, I was driving around and it suddenly hit me: this is not natural. We are under attack.

I prayed against anger and all evil in the name of Jesus and I instantly felt better. Exhausted, but the toxic feelings washed away.

After I got to the park, Silvio came up to me and brought up himself that he had arrived there a little earlier and had felt all the anger and attack just lift all of a sudden. I asked him when that was and when he told me, I realized it was at the exact moment I had prayed–I had looked at the clock.

Prayer makes a difference every time.