Uncle Dan’s Easle by Daniel F. Gerhartz

Without knowing anything about the story behind this piece, one can guess from the title that the artist, Daniel F. Gerhartz, was painting his niece.  It’s touching that she would so completely immerse herself in her uncle’s hobby; she looks up to him.  She sees the beauty in the world around her and also in what he does and who he is, and she longs to be like him.  Surrounded by the glory of the greatest creation of all, she is so intent on her own creation, her own masterpiece.  She has looked into the joy art has brought her uncle and is making it her own.  He is her inspiration, and the rich environment of nature feeds her creativity and imagination, her passion.

I remember watching my grandma paint when I was about the age of this girl.  I was awestruck that my own grandma could have such talent and create such beauty, and I wanted that.  That was a huge part of what fueled my dreams to become an artist.  I’m still working on it, but my dreams were, in a sense, given to me by someone whose talent I admired and whose love for me pierced my soul.

It’s neat to think that I, that each one of us, could have this effect on people and never even realize it.  If we live our dreams, what a joy that is for us; but also, what an inspiration for others to chase theirs as well.  Beauty is something no one can resist.  Once we let it out, it yearns to keep flowing, we yearn to let it fly–and others can embrace it and brighten their world in their own ways, too.



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