Ways My Husband Loves Me Absolutely Selflessly

Silvio inspires me so much. Here are a few ways he loves me that show me how genuine his love is. I hope you can be inspired too.

  • He insists on putting out my vitamins every night as a way to put his love into action, in a way I can see it every day.
  • If both our cars happen to be working at the same time, he lets me count the forester as mine, even if it means he drives the less manly soccer-mom van.
  • He plays games with me and takes me on dates because he knows those are the things that fill me up, even if they are not the top things for him.
  • He encourages me to go on long vacations with my family because he knows how much I love them and how much time with them fills me up, even though it means that he has to eat the same casserole all week and not have any company.
  • He kisses me on the lips even when I’m sick, because he loves me more than he cares about sickness.
  • When I’m an emotional wreck, which is a lot, he never gets impatient with my moodiness or irrationality or meltdowns. He simply listens or rubs my back and is there for me, taking me seriously.
  • If we have a fight, he is humble enough to look at my side. If I was wrong, he forgives me readily. If he was wrong, he makes great effort to admit it.
  • He accepts me exactly the way I am. There are a million ways I fall short of who I think I should be as his wife. He doesn’t care. He chooses to look at only the things he loves about who I already am, and the things I can already offer.

These are just a few ways that Silvio inspires me by his love. He makes me want to love him better every day.