Ever since I was able to hold a marker, I have been drawing.  My art has always been about the things of which I dream; it embodies my passions. It is about bringing to life the things which one does not experience tangibly in everyday life.

I strive to live my life for God and to glorify Him with all my actions. I yearn to show His light, love, and joy to those whom I encounter, but I realize that the best way to bring Him into the lives of others is not by preaching to them but by showing them His beauty in some small way. I see art as my own unique way to bring people to Him. I seek to create art which places the viewer in an intimate moment with God, to help them to place themselves in a scene in which He is present in a special way. My art does not always deal with images that are overtly Christian. Much of my work is inspired by beauty that I see in the world and in people, beauty that comes from God. The art which I make that is clearly about Christ or other Christian figures is meant to bring out His love, joy, and humanity in order to make Him relatable to the people who enter into the image. I dream of helping people fall in love with Him, and through my passions, become passionate for God.