The Holy Family

Just imagine how much fun the Holy Family must have had together! Picture the joys they shared, the love that held them close.

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Christmas Waltz

It may not be seasonal but I’ve been painting it ever since it was!  One of the most special parts of Christmas to me and my family is decorating the tree.  We get a roaring fire going, we turn on our favorite album, “A Cowboy … Continue readingChristmas Waltz

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What a Wonderful World

I just happened to be listening to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong when I uploaded this. It seemed like a fitting title. Not long ago, I painted a picture of my parents’ first dance as husband and wife. I got to spend a … Continue readingWhat a Wonderful World

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Making Music with Grandma

My most recent commission was from my sister Beth, who asked me to paint her kids enjoying music with their grandma.

Mom’s Love

I was going through old family pictures lately and came across this one of my mom and me in matching outfits. It warmed my heart so much that I had to paint it.

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Wild Sledding Fun

You may not be ready for a winter painting, but my husband will tell you that on the first day of snow I was so wound up that the running quote around here is now “BECAUSE WEEEE LOOOOVE WIIIIINTER!” Anyway. The best thing about this … Continue readingWild Sledding Fun

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Flying to Heaven

Recently, a friend’s dad died at the age of 99. He was a pilot all his life (having gotten his flying license at the age of 16!) and he flew the original piper cubs. In his later years after his eyesight got bad, he continued … Continue readingFlying to Heaven

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Jesus’ Delight

One of the memories of my childhood that warms my heart the most is that of my parents being affectionate with each other.  Sometimes it was romantic, sometimes it wasn’t, but just the sight of them being loving to each other created such a sense … Continue readingJesus’ Delight

Maximilian Kolbe

My most recent commission was this depiction of Maximilian Kolbe.  He was a priest and friar best known for his sacrifice and death in Auschwitz.  After he was sent to the Nazi prison camp along with countless other innocent victims, ten prisoners were chosen for death … Continue readingMaximilian Kolbe