God Looks Out for Me


One thing I pray for every day is protection of our cars. We’ve had so many car catastrophes. It’s neat to see the ways Abba answers that prayer.

Even apparently impervious cars need maintenance sometimes. I’ll never know of all the things that may have happened and Abba saved us from them, but I can see the ways He’s kept me safe in times of car trouble and always put me right where I needed to be when it happened. The two most recent incidents happened just when I was getting home from a good distance away or was just in a place my mechanic brother could help. This past weekend, I took a trip to my hometown that I was not planning on because it was the only day that our whole music group could practice for the Christmas concert. Minutes before I got to the church to practice, the brakes gave out completely. My brother drove the car home after the practice. I ended up getting two nights of family time (having brought nothing but a book and a journal!) and my brother fixed the brakes and another problem the car had had. I drove away having barely experienced a problem, but with the car stronger than before. It would have happened sometime. But Abba took such particular care that I was right there for it. I am absolutely certain that it was no coincidence because He always does this.