Healing from Insomnia

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On November 25, 2019, I went into my monthly spiritual direction without the slightest inkling that my life was about to change drastically that night.

We were in the midst of talking, working through some things, and praying when the words “pineal gland” began to repeat themselves in his head over and over. The pineal gland is what produces melatonin in the brain. I’d had severe insomnia for three straight years and he knew it, but there was no particular reason my pineal gland would be the specific problem, and we weren’t even praying about insomnia at the moment. We had several other times, but that wasn’t the focus that night.

But he felt that the Holy Spirit was telling him that he should pray over my pineal gland, and so he did. He laid his hands on me and prayed that the function of my pineal gland would be restored. The area of the gland started getting really warm and his hand was burning up–which we each experienced without knowing the other was, but we each knew that warmth is a sign that often accompanies healing.

I asked him if I should go to bed without any sleep aids as an act of faith that night. He pointed out that we didn’t know what God did but we knew He did something!–so test it out. “God definitely did something tonight.”


I SLEPT LAST NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP AIDS!!!!! For the first time in almost three years!!!

Thank you Abba, thank you Abba, thank you Abba!!!

I feel so overwhelmingly grateful. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL THING HEALING IS.

I do not know if I am completely healed. Abba, help me to trust You. And thank You for all the healing, complete or not yet, that You have already given me.

My spiritual director has helped me to see healing in a light similar to that of forgiveness. Just because God has worked doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of the process. I can keep asking for more–and how beautiful that freedom is! More Holy Spirit, more Holy Spirit. God is so good.

Nearly five months later, I am still sleeping. I have come to understand His love for me in profoundly different and deeper ways. I started this blog before I was healed and I felt called to do it but didn’t know why. I think sharing God’s healing and love and power and how it meets us in suffering may be why–but still, who knows. This healing was just the beginning of the most amazing journey, and I have still only just begun. But each step is exhilarating.

God’s love is mind blowing and personal and endless.

The feature painting is by Thomas Blackshear