Jesus and Mary’s Fun

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One of my favorite themes is the relationship between Jesus and Mary. Probably because most of my life, I didn’t understand it very clearly. When reading Bible passages about them, I always saw them from such a distance, like robotic characters on a lifeless page. Of course, that was only because I wasn’t taking the time to delve into the truth and beauty and depth of those moments. But since I have begun to do that, I have of course discovered a well of beauty without a bottom. Of all the parent-child relationships in history, theirs must have been the most meaningful–Jesus was Love Himself, after all. And love is most beautiful in a family, and families are made completely of flawed humans. How beautiful would that family love be when love is perfect? Still they had such great hardships, but those always make the love even more beautiful yet.

This is a scene of Jesus and Mary from The Passion of the Christ. I love it because it gives a glimpse into the affection, fun, and joy in Jesus’ relationship with his mother.