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Jesus’ Great Love

What struck me watching The Passion this year was Yeshua’s relationship with His mother. Of course I always knew Yeshua and Mary were close, but what that means never hit me before. In the scene at their home in which Yeshua is building the table, … Continue readingJesus’ Great Love

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Calling Out Your Name

There’s a Rich Mullins song with the lyrics: “In the east the whole horizon is in flamesI feel the thunder in the skyI see the sky about to rainAnd I hear the prairies calling out Your name.” Last year, on my family’s annual trip out … Continue readingCalling Out Your Name

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Dancing on the Waves

Many times in my life, God has seemed to use the theme of walking on water to teach me things. Recently it’s come back. There’s a song called Dancing on the Waves by We the Kingdom which spoke right into my heart where I’d already … Continue readingDancing on the Waves

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The Holy Family

Just imagine how much fun the Holy Family must have had together! Picture the joys they shared, the love that held them close.

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Christmas Waltz

It may not be seasonal but I’ve been painting it ever since it was!  One of the most special parts of Christmas to me and my family is decorating the tree.  We get a roaring fire going, we turn on our favorite album, “A Cowboy … Continue readingChristmas Waltz

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What a Wonderful World

I just happened to be listening to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong when I uploaded this. It seemed like a fitting title. Not long ago, I painted a picture of my parents’ first dance as husband and wife. I got to spend a … Continue readingWhat a Wonderful World

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Joseph’s Joy

Joseph is one of my favorite saints and one of my favorite people in the Bible. I love him because of the way he loved Jesus and Mary. Joseph was a man of incredible courage and strength. When faced with the decision of whether to … Continue readingJoseph’s Joy

Making Music with Grandma

My most recent commission was from my sister Beth, who asked me to paint her kids enjoying music with their grandma.