Practicing Making God my Security

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This week the Holy Spirit seems to be showing me the two ways one can seek security and how they turn out. One is to be cautious, to try and work things out to ensure I’ve covered my bases. To plan ahead and set precautions in place. The other is to trust God to take care of that–and not to automatically, robotically pronounce words of trust, but to really nestle into Him as my Father, to ask Him to take care of me and look out for my needs, and to expect Him to do so. The hard thing is, taking care of things myself actually does seem more secure. But the more I let Abba take care of me, the more He actually will. And it will be more truly secure, and it will be more astounding.

Our car situation alone is the perfect example. We’ve put exhausting effort into taking care of them but it’s the “trustworthy” ones (the Subaru with the rebuilt engine *cough cough*) that can’t even get to their destinations once without giving trouble. On the other hand, we always are able to get where we truly need to be when we let Abba take care of it. It might be through the old van that was a gift from my family and is usually doing unexpectedly well, or it might be through people’s generosity with their cars right when we need it. It might be through people giving us rides. When we give it to God, He works out the bigger issue–not necessarily “this car must work” but “we got there.”

He does this with everything I take to Him.