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A story of God delighting in delighting us.

A couple months ago I was on retreat at the local monastery.  I brought my paints, and intended to do a lot of painting while I was there, but I couldn’t think of anything to paint.  I was in a season of having a hard time trusting in God’s good intentions for my life.

I absolutely love birds.  On the first day of the retreat, out of the blue, Psalm 84:3 popped in my head: “The sparrow herself finds a home.”  It stayed there all day.

On the second day of my retreat, that psalm was in two of the monks’ prayer times.  I noticed.  Then I went back to my room and started painting this sparrow.

When I got home a few days later, in my birdhouse which previously had been unoccupied, THERE WAS A SPARROW MAKING A HOME.  Now there’s a whole clan.

I know in my bones the Father gave me the sparrows just to show me he cares about what I love down to the tiniest detail, and delights to love me.