The Healer’s Hands

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I hardly know what to say about this painting.  But I have experienced Jesus healing me in profound ways, both physically and in my heart.  And each time what blows me away so much more even than the healing I’d longed for is his love and closeness.  He gives the most intimate gifts, but he is so much better than the gifts and I just want everyone to know that love. So one thing I love to do is to pray for other people, for their healing, that they would know Jesus and his healing love intimately.

After the apostles received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, countless miracles happened through them.  But the miracles happened because the Holy Spirit was working through them, and to work through a person is extremely intimate.

Recently I’ve just been so fascinated by the beauty of healing love being a result of a person’s intimacy with Jesus.  When you meet a person who knows and loves him deeply, you can see it.  And when they love you in a healing way, however that may be, it is Jesus loving with them so intimately.  We talk about the Holy Spirit working through people and I think often we—at least I—have imagined that being a bit like a river flowing through a channel.  But the Holy Spirit is a person.  And John said, “We can know that we are living in him and he is living in us because he lets us share his Spirit.” – 1 John 4:13.  When the Holy Spirit is working through us that is because Jesus is so intimately in our hearts, letting us share his Spirit! Letting us share his very Spirit!  How beautiful that is!

This image came to me in prayer: praying over someone, Jesus’ wounded and glorified hand being the healing power placed on mine, knowing his heart is in mine too.  How intimate that is.  How eager he is to love and heal.