Using God’s Provisions and Trusting for the Future

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I have a lot of anxiety about driving our cars any more than absolutely necessary because they have a lot of miles on them and they have an uncanny ability to break down all the time even when there isn’t a good reason. I find myself refusing to go anywhere just to preserve them.

But this is trying to control things that I can’t even see. I don’t know that our cars won’t last for many years yet. I don’t know that a replacement wouldn’t come through as easily as these did. And I’m especially not giving God credit or space to provide.

Silvio is challenging me to just use my car. Abba has provided every single time when it’s been a real need–only when it’s been a false need has He not.

“Act, and God will act,” said Joan of Arc. I need to give Him something to provide for. Use the gift of the car He’s given. It’s already been provided, so use the gift. Don’t worry about the future; it doesn’t matter right now. He’s got me now, as He always has. And when the future comes, He’ll have me then.