When I’m Frustrated That I Need Help

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Sometimes I get so caught up in the frustrations of insomnia and depression that I can’t even see the progress or the things we have that prevent our problems from being so much worse. I take a ton of things to help me fall asleep and I hate it. But without those things and exercise and living healthily, I’d be sleeping worse and feeling worse as a result. Those things are worth being so thankful for.

It’s so easy to want to be healed, but to be so attached to a specific vision of healing: that my trouble is completely washed away. But as in all things, God’s got a broader idea than I do. Maybe He wants to heal me completely sometime, but in the meantime, sleep by means of sleep aids, or even just sleep that’s not as terrible as it was awhile ago, is still such a blessing. And only in the in-between stage of healing can I truly feel the progress and yet have something so tangible about which to lean on God for help.