Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun by Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin was born on June 15, 1594 in France.  He was an influential painter in the French Baroque style and many other artists followed in his footsteps in terms of style.  Artists he inspired include Jacques-Louis David, Paul Cezanne, and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.  Unlike many other artists, he was not so much concerned with color as with line and order.  He spent much of his life in Rome painting historical, religious, and mythological subjects, frequently set in a grand landscape, but he also served for a time as First Painter to the King of France.  He is considered to have laid the groundwork for French art as we know it, and as Michael Kimmelman said, “his work, in its lucidity, intelligence and measured sensuality, exemplifies what makes French art French.”^1

Below are shown The Annunciation,  The Inspiration of the Poet,  Selene and Endymion


The Triumph of Pan in two versions,


and The Triumph of David.





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