Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull

John Trumbull was born on June 6, 1756 in Connecticut.  He was an artist during the American Revolutionary War, and his work reflects the history of the time.  He is known as The Painter of the Revolution.

Trumbull was a soldier in the war, and he put his artistic talent to good use even there.  He served Boston, sketching plans of the British works.  He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill and was George Washington’s second personal aide.

The featured image of the signing of the Declaration of Independence is well-known enough that it’s what many of us visualize when we think of that iconic moment.  The image appeared on the back of the bicentennial two-dollar bill:

Below are shown The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill,  The Sortie Made by the Garrison of Gibraltar,


The Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec,  Surrender of Lord Cornwallis,


and General George Washington Resigning His Commission.




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