Art Talk’n Course



Art Talk’n will teach you to express yourself in new ways–to talk when you don’t have the words, to let your passions flow out of your fingertips onto a piece of paper.  All you’ve ever needed to be an artist are some basic instructions. Art Talk’n is a membership site which you can subscribe to monthly and which can equip you with those skills you always wished you had.

Art Talk’n is set up so that if you’ve never picked up a pencil in your life, you can start from the beginning and be guided step-by-step, at your own pace, through the instructions you need to become a mastered artist.  If you’ve been drawing for years but just want to improve, Art Talk’n is for you, too–you can pick up at any point in the program, but we do recommend starting at the beginning because even the most seasoned artist can improve by remembering why he was doing those basic steps.

The program works in such a way that, as basic as it begins, everything you learn is built upon something you’ve done before.  You’re never instructed to do something you haven’t been taught how to do, and if you’re not comfortable with a skill by the end of a lesson, Art Talk’n gives you tips on how to keep practicing that skill before moving on to master the next.

Art Talk’n gives you a wealth of videos to watch with step-by-step instructions which you can watch and follow along at the same time, but you’ll also be given worksheets and even tips throughout the videos which will help you to practice beyond just what you see in the video lesson.

One last thing: Art Talk’n costs you only $19 a month!  You might be able to get a single art lesson in a studio out of that, and the best part?  That cost is for your whole family! It doesn’t matter how old you are; Art Talk’n is created with families in mind, so you can afford to all learn to create together.

What does the course look like?

Art Talk’n is set up so that you can fit it into YOUR schedule.  You can go at your own pace, watching as many or as few videos at a time as you like–though we do recommend taking your time so that you can really master each skill before moving on!  The course contains seven main categories called “modules,” each including several instructional videos.  These are the instructions on how to draw, and they’re designed so that all you’ll need is a pencil and paper. The videos vary in length, but most are within ten minutes, and many are supplemented by work sheets to provide extra practice and give additional tips.  Once you’ve completed these lessons, there will also be more advanced lessons (such as watercolor) for which you will need more supplies.

To see examples of a few lessons, visit the Lesson Samples page.

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