Christmas Waltz

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It may not be seasonal but I’ve been painting it ever since it was!  One of the most special parts of Christmas to me and my family is decorating the tree.  We get a roaring fire going, we turn on our favorite album, “A Cowboy Christmas,” and we pull out memory after memory and cover the tree with them.  Lately the tree topper has been one of Dad’s cowboy hats.  We laugh and sing and reminisce—each year is a reliving of so many precious memories, but each year is a new precious memory, too.  And as we go, we stop to dance whenever a waltz comes on.  We finish the night with Dad’s rich homemade hot chocolate, admiring our handiwork and basking in the coziness that is Christmas.  This past year, I took a picture of Mom and Dad waltzing and it warmed my heart so much that I had to paint it.