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This stained glass window has a very deep and special meaning for me. Most claddaghs mean love, loyalty, and friendship, which I suppose mine does as well. And it’s Irish, and I’m obsessed with all things Irish. But the most beautiful thing about the claddagh to me is that when I turned sixteen, my dad took me out to dinner at Red Lobster. It was that time of my life at which I knew about things, and I was just about ready to start making decisions for myself. We talked about chastity, and he told me what he wanted for me, but that it was up to me to choose. Then he gave me my most treasured possession: my claddagh ring and told me that it could be a reminder of that night if I wanted it to be. I felt so honored and respected that suddenly, I wanted for myself what my dad wanted for me with all my heart. To me, the claddagh symbolizes my personal promise of chastity until marriage, but also the beautiful love and respect I have for and have received from my dad.



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