Home on the Range

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One of the most special ways that my family spends time together is making music. When we’re home, we’ll each play a different instrument and we have great fun improvising, moving with the music, delightfully unexpected things happening in our playing. But we also like to make music when we’re camping. At those times, Dad plays his backpacker guitar and the rest of us sing with him around the fire. One of the songs that we have to sing every time we gather round the fire is Home on the Range.

A few years ago, my mom and sister threw me a bridal shower. My mom had the great idea of making it cowboy themed. It was the best bridal shower. In a complete surprise, while the ladies were all eating, my dad and brother came to the party, in full western garb and their instruments, to serenade us. My dad led us in Home on the Range, and it was so special. He came up to me and we sang to each other as the whole room erupted in song. It’s one of my most cherished memories.