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As I was driving to work today, I was struck by a sudden inspiration to write a blog post.  This is probably going to become a Thing, because 1. I frequently finish art projects that need a place to go, 2. My random thoughts with no category don’t always want to go in my journal, and 3. I’m that freak who actually misses writing college papers, so I need an outlet for the urge when it comes.  (I haven’t written anything since I finished my senior thesis 7 months ago, so the urge is itching with a fury at the moment.)

My drives to and from work give me a lot of thought material.  It’s about half an hour each way, over the mountain and amidst brilliant red leaves, crystal-coated evergreen branches, and blankets of mountain laurel, depending on the season.  The enchanting experience peaks when I crest the mountain, and the view of all the mountains in the distance spreads out before me.  It’s a different sight to behold every day; sometimes layers of mist shroud the valleys and peer out at me from between the layers of hills, and other days the mountains fade into the distance in shades of purple beneath the crisp, brilliantly blue sky.  Every day, it’s breathtaking.

Today as I drove, I was listening to my epic movie soundtrack playlist at top volume (specifically, such masterpieces as Lonesome Dove and Narnia).  The delightful chorus of cellos, flutes, and trumpets strikes a chord in my heart, bringing me right into the soul of the piece and causing my heart to soar.   Today, I was particularly blown away by pondering what creativity it takes the human mind to create such glory.  And more mind-boggling still, the immense creativity that God has to have to pour that much into us.

Every time I drive over that mountain, I’m struck by God’s creativity made manifest in that enchanting scenery.  Views like that, the power of the ocean, and the vastness of the night sky reveal God to me in such a way that I couldn’t reason Him away even if I wanted to.  The creativity that has overflowed into humans only furthers that revelation.  How beautiful that He would share such ingenuity with us!  How could we not use it as a means to give back to Him, to give Him glory when He has blessed us with so much splendor?!



3 Replies to “My First Blog Post!”

  1. Yes, that mountain view, especially accompanied by music, is truly a taste of the glories awaiting in eternity!

  2. So wonderfully written, Maria. You certainly have a way with words and you should pursue your writing.
    You have a picturesque way of writing that enables the reader to picture what they’re reading. Keep it up!!!!!!!
    Love, Nana

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