Ski by Moonlight

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My family always had great traditions and adventures for every season of the year, but perhaps the season that brought memories most uniquely ours was winter.  While many people dreamed the cold away, we were out in it, drinking in the magic.  We skied as often as possible, and best of all was when we’d go cross-country skiing by moonlight right out our back door.  We’d take our dog Belle with us and she’d frolic about, never wandering far, chasing us down hills.  The moon wasn’t always bright enough to light our way; but when it was, the snow on the ground glowed and the crystals on the trees glistened.  The sky was a dome of cool blue freedom all about us.  And best of all, we were together, forming bonds I loved but would come to appreciate ever so much more in the years I’d look back on those times that created the knots that would tie us together forever.