As the Old Sing, So the Young Pipe by Jacob Jordaens

Jacob Jordaens was born on May 19, 1593 in Antwerp.  He was best known for his historical paintings.  He was among the most renowned Flemish Baroque painters of his era, only after Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck.  He stayed in his country for his whole life, unlike so many painters who went to study in Italy.  Jordaens was inspired by Rubens, who evidently esteemed him as well, since he commissioned him to reproduce small paintings on larger scales.

Jordaens’ skill was in portraying not just figures, but the humanity within them.  His work was often busy and crowded, but filled with life.

Below is shown another of his works, The King Drinks, which is often thought of in tandem with As the Old Sing, So the Young Pipe:



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