Why Art Talk’n?

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Why Art Talk’n?

Why did we create Art Talk’n, and why is Art Talk’n a good fit for you?  Well, here I am to tell you!


My name is Maria Lang Garcia.  My siblings and I were homeschooled from kindergarten to our high school graduations.  This opportunity was a blessing which at the time seemed ideal, but in retrospect I am even more convinced of its value.  We were able to have an education so perfectly catered to our individual needs that we could truly comprehend and excel in each subject and skill before moving on.  And we were able to move far, because of how well the knowledge and passion were instilled in our little growing brains.

However, one subject that was a struggle to do at home was art.  In all the other classes, we had a wealth of great resources.  In art, the possibilities were meager.  We had lots of books, but they didn’t really teach very well.  The information was limited, and it sat there stagnant on a lifeless page.  There was no person to follow, no example to bring it alive.  Fortunately for us, we had access to a wonderful professional art teacher in town.  She was able to help us to bring our skills alive, to learn techniques and to continue to grow.

I ended up majoring in Studio Art in college.  On breaks, my family would talk about the opportunities we’d had that other homeschoolers didn’t.  We wanted them to have more.  And with my training and further development of my artistic skills, as well as my sister Katherine’s artistic talent, we realized that we could make something that would be so much more helpful for learning art from home.


We designed Art Talk’n to be easy to use in your own home.  It’s a series of video lessons that you can watch as quickly or slowly as you like, and as many times as befits your learning needs.

Art Talk’n begins with a drawing course, modeled after my college drawing classes but made simple for any age group to excel in.  Many people are daunted by the idea of creating art because they believe they don’t have the talent, but I don’t believe that for a moment.  If given the tools and the instruction in a step-by-step format, each skill building only on skills you’ve already learned, you can’t not succeed.  I’ve seen people with all skill levels create really impressive drawings just with the right instructions.

We also offer projects for fun, with different kinds of paint and other colorful media.

Art Talk’n is easier to learn with than books because you can see the steps happening before you.  It’s more engaging, and we’ve spent the last five years very thoughtfully putting together the best sequence of lessons we believe in.

Art Talk’n was inspired by a desire to help homeschoolers specifically, but it’s designed to help anyone–adults, school children, anyone.

And it’s only $19 a month for your whole family!  That’s maybe one hour’s worth of professional art instruction for one person.  Instead, you have complete access to the entire course for as many people as live under your roof.


I already told you how homeschooling put everything in motion.  It has a big part to play in our motivation to continue Art Talk’n, too.  You see, my family and I are passionate about spreading the joy of art and helping people to develop the hidden skills they already have.  But it’s personal too.  Art brings me alive, and how cool is it that I can do this as my job?  And even greater than that, if this business can enable me to stay home and give my children the same nurturing and education I was so blessed to receive, then this venture has truly been a success.  I thank you for your part in making that a reality.

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