God’s Paint Strokes

When my siblings and I were little, my parents would often take us up to the hill behind our house to watch the sunset over the rolling hills. They would talk to us about how the colors in the sky were God’s paint strokes. That … Continue readingGod’s Paint Strokes

Shielded by Abba’s Heart

For awhile I’ve been learning and discovering more about spiritual warfare. Especially since we began doing ministry together, my husband and I have experienced spiritual attack in a greatly increased intensity. The Bible has quite a bit to say about spiritual warfare, and people throughout … Continue readingShielded by Abba’s Heart

God Looks Out for Me

12-18-19 One thing I pray for every day is protection of our cars. We’ve had so many car catastrophes. It’s neat to see the ways Abba answers that prayer. Even apparently impervious cars need maintenance sometimes. I’ll never know of all the things that may … Continue readingGod Looks Out for Me

Praying Expectantly

12-15-19 Since I was given the gift not only of healing but also of seeing God work powerfully through prayer, I have been making a point of praying more boldly and expectantly. Asking the Holy Spirit into situations and asking Him to KEEP coming. When … Continue readingPraying Expectantly