Praying Expectantly

12-15-19 Since I was given the gift not only of healing but also of seeing God work powerfully through prayer, I have been making a point of praying more boldly and expectantly. Asking the Holy Spirit into situations and asking Him to KEEP coming. When … Continue readingPraying Expectantly

Abba’s Heart

For a long time I have related to God as my father, as my Abba. But only recently has He been teaching me to be His daughter and to live in His heart. Painting something helps me to let it sink deeper into my heart, … Continue readingAbba’s Heart

Jesus’ Great Love

What struck me watching The Passion this year was Yeshua’s relationship with His mother. Of course I always knew Yeshua and Mary were close, but what that means never hit me before. In the scene at their home in which Yeshua is building the table, … Continue readingJesus’ Great Love

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Healing from Insomnia

On November 25, 2019, I went into my monthly spiritual direction without the slightest inkling that my life was about to change drastically that night. We were in the midst of talking, working through some things, and praying when the words “pineal gland” began to … Continue readingHealing from Insomnia

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