Jesus Wept

John chapter 11 tells the story of the death of Jesus’ dear friend Lazarus.  I am struck in this passage by the depth of feeling Jesus has for the people he has grown close to.  When Mary dashes out of her home to meet him, … Continue readingJesus Wept


I painted this from a photo I took several years ago of my brother teaching my nephew to fish. So many precious family memories–they make painting even more fun than it already was.

Celtic Cross

I created this stained glass window as part of the stained glass class I took in college. The assignment was to make something that would be permanently hung in the hallway of one of our classroom buildings, and mine is now over our study center. … Continue readingCeltic Cross

Fireside Praise

Every summer of my childhood, my family would go camping several times. The evenings around the campfire were some of the most special moments, as we’d gather around, make mountain pies and s’mores, and sing a good mix of praise songs and old folk songs. … Continue readingFireside Praise