New Art


My husband Silvio and I both love The Lord of the Rings. For our wedding, I wore Arwen’s Evenstar necklace. That was partly because it just looked amazing with my dress, but I also loved the symbolism: it was a sign that she would sacrifice … Continue readingEvenstar

Ski by Moonlight

My family always had great traditions and adventures for every season of the year, but perhaps the season that brought memories most uniquely ours was winter.  While many people dreamed the cold away, we were out in it, drinking in the magic.  We skied as … Continue readingSki by Moonlight

Redeemed by Trust

I’ve been on a Stargate kick lately. And much to my delight, my two favorite characters are a thing. But I don’t love them together only because I love romance. Vala starts out as an untrustworthy liar, thief, and general scoundrel. She’s perfectly hilarious and … Continue readingRedeemed by Trust


This stained glass window has a very deep and special meaning for me. Most claddaghs mean love, loyalty, and friendship, which I suppose mine does as well. And it’s Irish, and I’m obsessed with all things Irish. But the most beautiful thing about the claddagh … Continue readingCladdagh

I Always Dreamed

In the words of my dad, I’m addicted to romance. I’ve spent countless hours dreaming of the day I’ll begin life with my own Prince Charming, planning my wedding, watching good, wholesome romance movies, and otherwise living vicariously through the beautiful love stories of my … Continue readingI Always Dreamed