The Life of John the Baptist: The Baptism of Christ by Andrea del Sarto

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Andrea del Sarto was born on July 16, 1486 in Florence.  He was blessed to be creating art during the High Renaissance when he could be surrounded by inspiration and unparalleled beauty.  He had such skill that his work was considered to be flawless–and indeed, he produced such delightful and unique work that he deserved recognition.  However, along with the benefits of being an artist at such an important time, there were also drawbacks–being alive at the same time as such masters as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael, he fell into the background.  But there he still created spellbinding works of art, and Michelangelo thought very highly of him.

The featured painting, The Baptism of Christ, is one of a grisaille series.  Grisaille means that the whole painting is done in a scale of values of a single hue–in layman’s terms, one color in different shades, like a black and white photograph.  This style has its own challenges but is captivating to behold.  It almost convinces you that it’s carved into stone.

Below are shown Assumption of the Virgin,  Madonna of the Harpies,  Pieta with Saints,


and another grisaille painting.



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