Sainte Chapelle

Today we’re off to Paris to visit the chapel of Sainte Chapelle!  As my favorite art history professor once encouraged in her sage travel advice, “If you ever go to Paris and visit Sainte Chapelle, try and find an excuse to be in a wheelchair, … Continue readingSainte Chapelle

Augustus of Primaporta

In case you’ve been dreaming of going to Rome all your life, we’ve got great news for you–that’s where Sylvester is taking us today! Roman culture is perhaps the best known and wealthiest in available knowledge among ancient cultures.  Art, however, is harder to classify. … Continue readingAugustus of Primaporta

Tomb of the Triclinium

Today Sylvester is going to take us into Etruscan culture, which will be particularly interesting since no one really knows much about who the Etruscans even were!  Everything we do know, we got from art–which is pretty cool.  Art can be a powerful window into … Continue readingTomb of the Triclinium

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Kritios Boy

Today, Sylvester is going to take us to ancient Greece and tell us about the Kritios Boy.  Now, it’s hard to get any sense of Greek art from looking at one piece because there was such an evolution in style over the years.  We’ll talk … Continue readingKritios Boy

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